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Plastic Molding Processes

With an increasing demand for higher diversity of parts to be delivered in small batches, injection and blow molding manufacturers are facing great pressure to improve QA accuracy and optimize process control. Sustaining high quality is more challenging when a greater diversity of parts are manufactured. As a result, quality and process control must become integral parts of the production process.

Relimetrics allows manufacturers to replace costly and error-prone manual quality inspections and monitor the correlation between production parameters and product quality in real-time. This allows them to take appropriate action to prevent process drifts and optimize the manufacturing process.


Automotive Seat Inspection

The global market size for the automotive seat industry reached over $75 billion in 2017. With increasing demand for customization, meeting OEM standards for aesthetic quality requires a highly accurate quality inspection before seats are shipped to OEMs. Today, this quality inspection is performed manually by human inspectors, is highly inefficient, and prone to error, as human fatigue and negligence can cause defective units to be overlooked. Wrinkles and other defects that are undetected or detected late lead to higher production costs due to rework and recalls of defective units.

Relimetrics technology allows car seat manufacturers to fully digitize quality audits for car seats, providing them with a quality record that they can use to manage contractual obligations with OEMs.

Welding Process Control

The number of welding robots used in manufacturing has been growing for decades, and robotic welding today commands 20% of industrial robot applications, allowing companies to increase accuracy, repeatability and throughput. One step that has been difficult to automate is the correct placement of parts in preparation for a welding procedure. It is a critical step that is prone to error. Proximity sensors can detect the correct placement of a part; however, harsh production environments cause proximity sensors to frequently fail, resulting in frequent sensor component replacement during production.

Relimetrics replaces proximity sensor technology, making the process much more efficient and reliable. It optimizes the welding process, reducing cost, downtime and scrapped parts.


Automotive Module Inspection

Increasing diversity in automotive modules configurations is making manual inspections more complicated. Computer vision solutions are increasingly used to automate visual inspections of automotive modules during production. Yet, the probability of detection attained with these systems is insufficient to fully digitize the quality assurance process. The high percentage of false alarms is a nuisance and necessitates the presence of technicians to check for errors.

Relimetrics is designed to augment results of existing hardware, as it offers > 99.9% accuracy and fully integrates with the factory Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The ability of Relimetrics software to train for new parts and configurations allows Relimetrics’ customers to easily scale across different lines.

Weld Inspection

Despite the global growth in digitalization of X-ray equipment, the inspection of x-ray images of welds today is still carried out by visual inspection. Digitized images from x-ray are manually inspected by an operator. This is a labor-intensive process performed by highly-trained operators; however, it is prone to error due to fatigue and the lack of ability of the human eye to repeatedly identify and distinguish defects over a long time period.

Relimetrics offers advanced image processing and analysis that uses machine learning to digitize inspections — providing for highly accurate inspections with a probability of detection > 99.9%. Relimetrics can be deployed at the edge or in the cloud.


Electronic Server Assembly

Electronics manufacturers today have highly diversified and customized portfolio of products. Today, post-assembly inspections of such products are performed visually by human operators, who check if parts have been assembled properly. This process is resource-intensive and subject to human error.

Relimetrics technology fully automates the quality audit process and enables customers to train the system for new parts and configurations. Relimetrics also creates full traceability of quality, allowing its customers to store a digital signature of the quality of inspected products in a blockchain system. This can be used to provide irrefutable proof of the items that were used during the manufacturing process right down to the individual serial numbers.


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